See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil…

23 05 2010

You have just been offered at job earning TEN TIMES your current pay rate working for a major corporation that has been successful for over 50 years and continues to be successful.  You don’t have to relocate or change very many aspects of your life.  Would you accept?
Ok, your new job is working for Acme Cigarette Co.  You will be part of their marketing team.  In doing so, you have to start smoking.  That’s right, you HAVE TO.  Acme carries two types of cigarettes… Full Strength or Lights.  You are allowed to choose between the two, but you must start smoking one of the two in order to get paid.  While smoking is always dangerous, of course, the lighter cigarettes are slightly less dangerous.  The lights have 10% less chemical additives.  But, that’s really irrelevant.
So, you choose the lights.
You work for Acme for 10 years before you get laid off, but you get a nice severance package that buys you an additional 5 years to obtain a new career.
In the first two years, you find out you have lung cancer because of the chemical additives in those cigarettes.  It isn’t 10% lighter than the cancer you would’ve gotten from the full strength cigarettes because … well, chemical additives are chemical additives, right? So… smoking is smoking, cancer is cancer, toxins are toxins… But, you’re shocked because Acme never told you this could happen.  Any time you questioned your health, they would simply show you a mirror and ask you if you looked unhealthy? Well, due to the fact that lung cancer isn’t externally visible… this was easy to dismiss, right? Acme would reinforce it by telling you how healthy you look, and how great you look puffing on that light cigarette. But, when you would have respiratory issues … maybe a cough or trouble breathing, Acme was able to prove to you that there is no direct link to smoking and it cannot be proven that your respiratory problems are connected.  Period.
If you can’t see the problem, it isn’t there.
Lies are lies.
British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig was drilling in dangerous territory under dangerous circumstances.  Safety issues and red flags were ignored in order to meet the bottom line.  An irreversible, horrible incident occurred taking the lives of 11 rig employees and creating the largest (man made) ecological disaster in US history.  For over a month today, oil has been gushing from gaping holes in the Earth and filling the Gulf of Mexico.  But, many find this easy to over look because much of the oil is not visible.  Despite the fact that this disaster has already eclipsed 1989’s Exxon Valdez oil disaster times 8, BP has hidden many of the facts from the public regarding the damages that have already occurred and continue to occur, as well as the what the future holds.  The truth is, the future is really questionable even by scientists as to just how bad this could turn out to be for the Gulf Coast, the nation and the world ecologically and economically.  But, one thing for sure, BP has not only hidden the facts but the oil as well.  How do you hide a huge amount of oil that has gushed millions upon millions (upon more millions) of gallons into the waters? Chemical dispersants is the answer! Currently, the Gulf has been using those full strength dispersants and the cancer has only started to grow but now the EPA is questioning why full strength and not lights? Lights are so much better, right? So, they’re being forced to switch to a “safer” chemical dispersant to continue to break up the oil and push it to the ocean floor.
Years from now the hidden cancer that we couldn’t see will be revealed.  Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
Just like, if you took that job and discovered you had cancer later on … it would be too little too late.  And, if you found out that cancer was terminal, all the money you could sue Acme for wouldn’t make a bit of difference, would it?





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23 05 2010

Interesting analogy, Suz. I don’t want the new job, by the way. It took me forever to quit and I wouldn’t start again even if I was paid to do so.

I don’t know anything about how these dispersents work. What do they do? Do they break the cellular structure of the oil down?

23 05 2010

Yes, that is what they do Abe. But they are toxic, and even labeled so. They are dangerous. And, even though they are breaking down the oil on the surface … below the surface they are turning it into a syrupy, toxic and deadly mess … As we all know, the cycle of life begins there … and is being poisoned.

23 05 2010
uncle jailbird

i was reading an article about the spill on paranoids online, and while i know squat about the science behind the article or the rebuttal, i did find one thing interesting. the article says that currently there are about 80,000 to 100,000 barrels of oil being released per day at high pressure along with rocks and sand. at the pressure that they are being expelled, they may be corroding the wellhead to where it may be too brittle to be capped.

23 05 2010

though I haven’t seen that aspect of it said anywhere regarding the wellhead…etc… that is very logical, uncle j. what’s paranoids online, dare i ask… lol.

31 05 2010
uncle jailbird

sorry i didn’t get your response earlier, i didn’t get the follow up notification. paranoids online is a conspiracy e-zine. like i said earlier, i don’t know squat about the science in the article, or the comments on the article. here’s a link to the article…

31 05 2010

Yeah, I just read it… it’s a bit out there, but it has some good facts interweaved… so hard to judge… hell, it’s still so hard to comprehend. I have to read all the linked to articles within the article, though conspiracy theories tend to eat at my brain a bit 🙂

25 05 2010

My feeling is, if I am not going to die of cancer, I am going to be offed from a car accident, a heart attack…almost anything you do can contribute to your demise.

25 05 2010

Oops, pushed the wrong button – my reply is below 🙂

25 05 2010

Well, I’d rather be the one contributing to my demise than some lying big corp that poisons not just me but thousands of people. I quit smoking a little over a month ago, and when crap like this happens and I realize I have no control & will probably die of cancer anyway because of some corporate machine I feel like lighting up… that’s for sure.

25 05 2010

Congrats on kicking the habit Susan! That’s awesome.

This oil disaster, over and above anything else we are (presumably) doing to this planet, scares the hell out of me. We *are* going to see some consequences out of this, and it IS going to affect our delicate ecosystem.

26 05 2010

I just can’t help but think that what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is going to have a ripple effect across the nation. Just looking at the economic aspect; we supply fresh seafood unique to our area across the nation, people make a living doing so, restaurants thrive in selling dishes unique to our seafood also, we have one of the 3 top import/export ports in the nation… actually, we have 2 major ports here though, the other important distributor to our economy is tourism… which affects pretty much everything else. It’s serious business. And, what’s worse is that it’s been ongoing for 36 days now. As for the ecological damage, I think that is immeasurable and devastating. 😦 I’m considering a relocating if I can find work elsewhere. But, oh yeah… on the bright side I quit smoking, lol.

16 06 2010
Steve Bonniol

This was a great blog and I agree. The full effects of this spill and the poisons added to the waters will not be known for decades.

17 06 2010

And what bothers me about that, Steve, is people that will continue to swim in it, eat from it…etc… I’m just fearing the worst… and with good reason. I mean, remember when doctors RECOMMENDED smoking? Hell, I was 8 when my grandma died of lung cancer and no one knew why cuz it didn’t run in the family. Meanwhile, IN THE HOSPITAL, she was allowed to smoke one cigarette after another as she laid in her death bed. I mean, this is no different to me. The chemicals they used to break up the oil and weight it down (out of sight for the people) are a mystery to EVERYONE–even the EPA isn’t clear on all the hazards involved other than the fact that it’s just very hazardous. I could go on & on & on… and you know what’s worse, Steve? They’re STILL using this chemical… believe me, because I see where it is stored and the airport they use…etc… I have to pass it every day on my way to work (which is far off the beaten path). I see them gearing up to go in the morning and returning in the afternoon.

17 07 2010

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