Don’t believe the hype

7 05 2010

There are a couple of important items I’d like for you to take into consideration here.  I’d first like to clarify that I am a citizen of the Gulf South who is and will continue to be directly affected in a negative way by the BP Oil Spill here in the Gulf of Mexico.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must be living under a rock on another planet, but here’s a video that should enlighten you.  If you do know what I’m talking about, skip the video & move on…

Now, it’s easy to point the finger and blame the oil industry and bad mouth and fight to put an end to drilling systems like this one that failed, but let’s look at the big picture here…
Yes, there are options … One option is to shut down the drilling for oil in the USA and hug trees and be happy whilst paying $5.00 per gallon of gasoline to get to and from wherever it is you need to travel in this already economically crippled nation, which in turn will be more crippling when foreign fuel becomes our prominent source of fuel.  Another is to give up the use of vehicles all together  (which is an even more environmentally brilliant plan) and walk or bicycle or ride horseback everywhere you need to travel and save lots of money and hug lots of trees along your journeys.  You can leave home a few hours before your estimated arrival time and you should be able to handle it.  Or, we can all be realistic and face the fact that drilling for oil in the US is a necessity and while this recent incident is incredibly horrible and destructive in countless ways, it would only be worse on this entire country to end drilling for oil here.  Tree huggers will then ask me why? Why??? Especially as my homeland takes the brunt of this horrible ecologically damaging incident!?!? I’ll tell you why! Jobs for one.  Think of the millions of jobs lost in a country that already is at an all time unemployment high with zero jobs available.  Fuel cost is another reason, and I think I made that abundantly clear in the beginning of this paragraph.  I, personally drive 35 miles one way to work every day and (though I do have an extremely fuel efficient vehicle) I do not earn enough money to support an increase to an estimated $5 per gallon of gasoline.  I suspect not many people can.  I also suspect that people are already struggling to hold on to their jobs and already can barely afford to get to them in some cases.  I consider myself fortunate right now because I’m average.  I earn average pay (I used to earn above average pay before the economy and job markets went to shit here in the last few years).  So, let’s look at other options.  First of all, for many years other forms of fuel have existed that would be cheaper and better for the environment, however the government has purposefully ignored these options because the oil industry is big money.  Maybe now is the time to explore those options and consider making them available to the general public at a reasonable price.  Producing these other means of fuel enables jobs and a better economy, let alone it is better for the environment.  It just seems a little too logical, doesn’t it? Second of all, if we chose to ignore that option and continue to use fuel as is … should we really rely on foreign countries to supply it? I mean, that is nearly suicidal for America, don’t you think? Do I even have to explain why? If I do, then you have been doing more than hugging trees and perhaps you’ve eaten too many of the mushrooms growing below those trees!
Listen, the human race is very spoiled … well, maybe not in third world countries but there is a vast majority of human beings that are far too spoiled to give up conveniences such as driving OR electricity.  And that’s another item I’d like to discuss here.
Simply stated, when you lose electricity you lose light, heating or cooling, refridgeration, and other great spoils that come with that magical power that flows into your home spoiling you in ways your ancestors never dreamed of.  Currently, coal-burning plants provide over half of the electricity generated in the US.  Coal is abundant and cheap.  Wind and solar energy is neither.  By comparison, these alternate methods are costly and unreliable and also require less man power which equals less employment.  The US is home to huge reserves of coal and oil.  Renewable energy currently represents about 1% of all the energy produced nationwide.  If it weren’t for massive amounts of government cash there would be little or no renewable energy.  Tree huggers really hate these fuels we use to maintain our economy and our lifestyle, but in the privacy of their homes they are enjoying them … trust me.  So, all these ignorant people who preach the well being of the environment open the door for much larger issues that they are too blind to focus on, for instance the Cap & Trade Legislation.  Let’s look at purpose of this legislation for what it really is, a control issue (Similar to controlling our health care, our banking, our industry and so on).  The Cap & Trade Legislation will boost the cost of coal to unreasonable rates while claiming that it generates “greenhouse gas” bringing global warming even closer.  Please!!!! Hasn’t anyone caught on to the fact that global warming is a farce yet? And besides, the greenhouse gasses include carbon dioxide … you know that stuff that’s vital to all plant life on Earth.  Now, those of us who this all of this my way (the right way) will be spat at and called naïve by tree huggers, the media, and government officials but let me be frank with you here; there is no such thing as “Natural Capitalism”.  There is just capitalism.  Period.  Capitalism operates on the basis of profit … need I say more? I certainly hope you aren’t someone who’s purchased “carbon credits” in the midst of all this nonsense.  If so, I’m sorry … not sure how you’ll be cashing those in or how they’re going to pay off for you, so maybe you should just hug a tree or something…
Listen, I’m really not trying to be ugly.  If you think I don’t care about the environment, you’re very wrong.  Ever since the great oil catastrophe struck right outside my back door basically, I’ve been somewhat hysterical.  I think it could’ve been prevented … not by avoiding oil drilling in the Gulf but by better safety measures that were studied, engineered and so fourth after the (similar) Exxon-Valdez incident 20 years ago.   Heck, they are still dealing with the aftermath … just as we will be here probably 20 years later.  All I can hope, as my area is completely destroyed economically and ecologically, is that this time they learn something from this and are more prepared.  But, I don’t hope this puts an end to oil drilling in the US.  We here in the Gulf South have a lot at stake.  We’ve already suffered a tremendous blow with Hurricane Katrina crippling us and setting us back nearly a decade for recovery.  Now, our two main sources of income; seafood and tourism are severely damaged and facing the possibility of complete destruction (depending on how quickly they can solve this horrible underwater oil spewing mess and the thousands upon thousands of gallons erupting from it on an hourly basis).  Not only that, but very special and unique wildlife is threatened by extinction all because of this.  BUT, realistically, having lost so much already … the people of this area cannot afford to also lose jobs by closing the oil industry here NOR can we afford for gasoline prices to spike up to outrageous heights in the midst of our already severely crippled economy!
Anyway, as I was saying … I don’t intend to be ugly or belittling to those who have so much faith in our government or the fight against global warming or anyone who wants to save the planet.  Hell! I want to save the planet.  I really do! But, there is little to no evidence that global warming even exists … or, “Climate Change” (the new, improved name for global warming since it was starting to become abundantly clear that the term “warming” wasn’t working).  It outrages me that my tax dollars are being spent on proving the existence of something that doesn’t exist (of course, my tax dollars are spent on a lot of shit that outrages me).  For years, scientists that were skeptical about global warming were scoffed at and labeled as evil, Earth-hating monsters.  Turns out they were right to be skeptical, and in fact should’ve been more skeptical.  Not only should they have been questioning global warming, but also the scientists who supported the concept.  The scientific community has been profiting from huge grants and political power growth by propagating fear of extinction and global warming.  The media loves the global warming lie and the media is the backbone that pushes our nation toward a (dare I say) “Natural Capitalism”.  I wonder what term will be used to candy coat the capitalism.  It will have to be comparable to other great terms like “politically correct” and “diversity”.  I can hardly wait.  I’d like to be the owner of the advertising agency to come up with the slogan for it.  I love big money too.  I mean, come on … don’t you?
For that matter, I’d like a high ranking position in the “carbon credit” biz.  I mean, whole industries (like the automobile manufacturing industry, the oil industry…etc…)were required to buy these magical credits to offset their use of “fossil fuels”.  I’d really like to know how that works.  I mean, how does money change the effects? Seriously!?!?! For the love of God, make me understand how credit will help the environment.  How does the fact that I buy credit from you so that I can continue to do an act that is damaging to the environment help the environment? How does this make sense? But, big money in forcing people to do so none the less … and from what I gather, you can spend more to gain the rights to do more to create more damage.  Of course, it’s not worded that way exactly, but that is what it boils down to.  Brilliant!!! Brilliant indeed!!!!!!  And here’s an interesting tid bit; There were 3 major corporations who battled the climate change fraud which included none other than BP … yes, BP the very corporation who’s rig just sank in the Gulf of Mexico creating this disasterous tragedy we speak of.  Coincidental, isn’t it? But, it is essential to understand that the Cap & Trade Legislation (passed by the house and pending a senate vote last I checked) is based on false reports and threats by the EPA to begin regulating carbon dioxide emissions that has no legitimate basis in science.  Global warming a.k.a. Climate Change has no real basis for any law or expenditure of public funding as it no longer exists really.  It’s far past the time media should continue to refer to it as anything other than fraud.
So, people I implore you, think for yourselves and don’t be mislead.  Hold on to your freedoms and don’t be fooled by candy coated name games for “natural capitalism” or just plain capitalism.  Yes, coal mining is dangerous business … but it doesn’t have to be.  Just like oil drilling is dangerous business but doesn’t have to be.  Foreign suppliers and big taxes take away from our economy in more ways than one.  How great do we want this depression to get? Seriously! Do your homework & think for yourselves!



25 responses

7 05 2010

I just learned the other day that for every barrel oil, only a couple of gallons of gas is obtained. The rest is used for plastics, lubricants, gels, make-ups, etc. I was told that we wouldn’t have refrigeration, other certain household items, certain medicines, certain health care devices, etc if we didn’t have oil. I haven’t yet looked up to verify if this source is correct, so correct me if I am wrong. But, it kinda makes sense to me.

I have been waiting for the gas price to go up but as of last night, Wal Mart in Waveland is still at $2.62 a gallon…

7 05 2010

Yeah, the uses of oil are endless it seems. I knew a little, but have been researching and learned that probably 70% of the items I use daily have oil in their history somehow… at the very least, the items were shipped here and the shipping methods (train, barge…etc…) require oil, right!?!? The gas prices surprisingly haven’t increased yet, but I imagine they must. I haven’t checked the status of other companies and where they are with drilling today. I can’t imagine that all companies are still shut down. I think that was temporary, but a plan that is in the works for permanence. I firmly believe our president, who likes to bow down to foreign leaders and nearly admit to surrender by stating we will not use nuclear weapons even if a war does occur… I believe he prefers foreign trade rather than generating more money in our own country. Here’s another example… the open acceptance of illegal immigrants and the fact that we offer them the same rights as legal citizens. WTF!?!?! Do you ever think that maybe he WANTS this country to become to weak for the people to be able to stand on our own, therefore actually getting to a point where capitalism is a necessity for our survival? Think about it, Cathy. Do your homework!

10 05 2010

I really haven’t been following Obama and the foreign trade as it some what overwhelms me.. However, the illegal immigrants situation really bothers me–I just don’t want them here. I can go on and on about this subject..

But there is a theory for this.. I learned of it through my gender class recently. With the baby boomers fast approaching the 60+ age, there are not going to be enough people to pay into the social security and medicare programs. This is because with the baby boomer generation, the women were introduced to birth control and as a result they were able to control whether if they wanted children or how many children they wanted. Thus, population has dwindled which means less people to pay into social security/medicare. We need immigrants to help support the baby boomers according to the demographers.

What do you think of this one? I tried searching the internet for this information, but I can’t find it. I believe it came out of one of the sociological articles in JSTOR.

10 05 2010

What is gender class???
I disagree with this theory… I mean it may be a very small part of it, but also during the 60’s & 70’s was the free love movement which meant more people were having sex and not all of them were using birth control. But that’s not the reason I disagree, because I have read up on this and blogged about it somewhere with links to info (I’ll have to find it & send you) but the real deal is that our government spent the money put in SS as we were going into debt and is still spending it because we don’t actually have the money. Sort of like you using a credit card and then taking out a loan to pay the credit card bill, know what I mean? That’s why people like you and me won’t have SS when it’s time to collect … that’s also why they are upping the retirement age.

7 05 2010

This is a great post!! You raise so many great points. I just have a few points to add: you mention that coal is used to generate more than half our electric. The actual number 55%. And, best of all, the U.S. is a leader in clean coal technology–we can burn coal that does not release any greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere!! The entire reason the U.S. did not sign the Kyoto accords is because it would have required the U.S. to hault all coal burning!!! Not only that, the Kyoto accords REQUIRED participating countries to become predominant users of NATURAL GAS!! Now…wait a minute? Natural gas is not a renewable engery source. It is a fossil fuel, and it is found in the same cavities as oil under ground–which means the predominant sources of natural gas come from the Middle East!!!

Also, on the global warming front–there was a time in the Earth’s history millions of years ago where the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere were over 80% greater than they are now. And, there were no industrial plants, no cars and no people at that time! The science of determining global warming is tentative at best and has only been tracked for a little over 150 years. There is no long term timeline of values to accurately extrapolate anything. We estimate warming and cooling trends through ancient and prehistoric times via examining plant life, soil samples, organisms, etc. But, the actual values we have don’t date back very far. As a matter of fact, the Earth warmed the exact same amount between 1900 and 1950 as it did from 1950 to 2000!!! Oh, but, wait, the global warming advocates now say that fact did use the proper calculations, so they “recalculated” to make their case! As a matter of fact in the last decade the global warming standard was determined by the temperature of the air in the atmophere. When compared with the ground temperature, the numbers didn’t match and didn’t agree, so, once again, they had to do more “recalculation.” Scientists who don’t believe in global warming (or I should clarify–that humans have a direct effect on global warming) cite the difference in ground temps and air temps to show that most of the extreme global warming claims are false.

The Earth is in a natural warming cycle after gradually coming out of a “little ice age” at the end of the 18th century. Think of the pictures of Washington Crossing the Delaware river in the Revolution. The Delaware was ice choked in all accounts and portraits of the event. That is a very rare happening, and, living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I can tell you it has happened less than a handful of times in my life–most of them in the 90’s!!

The polar ice caps have melted before. The glaciers weren’t always there. The Earth goes through these cycles whether we’re here or not. We are adaptable animals and must adapt and change or go extinct.

Ok…I’ve rambled on long enough!!


7 05 2010

Mike, Thanks for pointing out some really valuable stuff here. Last night, I read that coal generates 63% of the nation’s electricity. Either way, it’s more than half! It is interesting to me how much our government seems to desire trade with the Middle East… why?!? Especially since they loathe us so much! Also, yes… history repeats itself. It’s ridiculous for anyone to believe they can really save this planet or the human race from extinction. We may be able to prolong things for a while, but let’s not be foolish. No facts, falsities, figures or “recalculations” are going to change what is inevitable … nor is money going to be able to stop it. Geesh! Awesome reply. Thanks so much!

7 05 2010

I could leave a blog in your comments quite easily, as you touched on so many things, most of which get me riled up, like you. I will list a few just for S & G’s

1. This accident could have been prevented, not doubt. Even worse, the government twiddled its thumbs for 8 days before any action was taken.

2. Everything from plastics, food production and even most of the clothing people wear depends on oil. not to mention transporting everything you buy was likely hauled on a ship, train or truck. All of which depend on oil to run.

3. There is some data that the average temperature of the planet has been rising, it has fallen the last couple of years. The famous chart Al gore showed actually has it wrong. The temp went up, then the carbon went up. Not the other way around.

4. Since Texas has de-regulated the electricity market, I can buy electricity from anyone I choose to. i choose to pay about 7% more for 100% wind generated power, but I can afford to do so. According to a study from MIT, we would need to cover an area the size of Texas with solar panels to generate all of the electricity our nation uses. Which is not very practical.

The clean up from this tragedy will take a long time, and the area may never recover from the damage, but to stop drilling for oil, would only make things worse, and hurt the very people we are trying to help.

Okay, so I did blog in you comments. At least you got what you paid for *grins*

7 05 2010

Love this reply, Richard. Let’s look at your points…
1. Yes, why did they twiddle their thumbs … especially when it was so abundantly clear that every second counts for the well being of this entire area in NUMEROUS ways both economically AND ecologically!!! Interesting indeed … Obama’s Katrina? Some say so. I get why the government feels it is not their responsibility economically, however we are facing tremendous harm to this entire country because of this so you sort out the finances later but you ACT NOW, right!?!?!
2. AMEN!
3. See the reply I gave Mike above. I think we’re on the same page here, my friend!
4. The average person living in today’s economic disaster can’t afford that extra 7%, and also that option isn’t readily available in most places. It does sound great though. I’d love to hear more about it.
Thanks for commenting, Richard. It’s always great to see you!

7 05 2010

I don’t get the idea gas has to go up because of a single oil rig going down. I mean, that is like justifying orange prices going way up because a single orange grove was damaged by frost. I mean, come on!

Public transportation has always been an option in some cities, but not all cities have decent subways and buses. In Rochester, you wait up to a 1/2 hour for a bus, and they don’t go through all the major area. If you miss a bus in Rochester, it is not like you just need to wait another 5-10 minutes….it could take 30-45 minutes on the weekdays for the next bus and you went from late to REALLY late for work.

This is clearly Obama’s Katrina, and it is proof he does not care about taking charge of anything. I wonder if Kanye West is going to make any public pronouncements.

7 05 2010

Only major cities offer public transportation… though I think it should be more available throughout the nation because this would greatly reduce the harmful elements caused by so many vehicles on the road. It would also help the economy in many ways. I’m not saying that gas HAS to go up because of ONE rig, I’m saying the effects, over time, will get to that because this one incident will have a ripple effect nationwide that will eventually lead to cost increases in many different ways. AND, if the oil drilling industry is shut down completely in the US you should be prepared for extreme increases in everything you buy and in taxes. Everything you buy has oil in it’s history, see the comments/discussions above to get what I mean. But, really, you’re a pretty smart fella so I think you know what I mean already! Yes, this is Obama’s Katrina. I never said I was a Bush fan. I’m not. I think the gov f’d up royally in Katrina. Here we are again. My biggest beef with Obama, as discussed above, is that they did in fact twiddle their thumbs for 8 days before taking action … why? Because they were too busy saying it was BP’s problem!?!? What!?!?! This is definitely the entire nation’s problem… just wait & see.

7 05 2010

Great blog Susan…. so glad you got all of this out there and off your chest. I hate that it has been upsetting you so much lately. Ugh…

On the credit thing… the worst part about Obama’s idea of how the credit thing would work if he got his way, is that his expectations would be, that they would make the credits/fines so large it would force energy producers to switch to clean coal energy or go out of business. The disruption to the energy industry “would necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket” as he so put it. Yeah, great Obama. Brilliant idea and plan.

That is why that bill died. It is dead. Don’t worry about that. It lost all it’s momentum under the scrutiny of reality and the view of the rest of the world. China and Inda, both scoffed at this global warming/green demand of the Obama administration. It is founded on very weak assumptions and presumptions and is amazingly arrogant.

It is interesting how much Obama has apologized for American arrogance, and yet that is basically how many are viewing him and his administration and their presentation of their views and ideas.

I think Richard was spot on to point out that oil is so intertwined in our society we are not going to stop requiring it. No matter what type of vehicle we use, it needs lubricating oil. If people really knew how many products they rely on that are petrochemical based, they would get it, as to why we are not going to stop drilling. From tires, to asphalt, the roof over their head, plastics, materials used in clothing, furniture construction, insulation, rubber, glues, so many things it is ridiculous. While without needing it a a fuel source would greatly reduce the need for it, we still will be drilling for it.

It is interesting that so many that are the most vocal, don’t seem willing to give up their own personal dependency on it. Do as I say, not as I do, right?

7 05 2010

Drew, oops… my reply is below as a stand alone comment cuz I pushed the wrong button… lol.

7 05 2010

The disruption to the energy industry “would necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket” as he so put it. What an azz-clown! Now I’m just annoyed. I can’t seem to find a way to see something positive in this plan of action??? Amazingly arrogant … surely you jest?? Yes, we really owe everyone an apology for our arrogance, don’t we? Ugh! Excuse me while I vomit…
*wipes face with cold rag* Ok, I’m back. Yeah, there are actually a lot of good points in the comments here. Your’s is certainly no exception, Drew. I love the way you think and also the way you relay your thoughts. I’m glad you visited. I have tons on my mind right now. This is just one aspect of my thoughts and feelings on this topic. Naturally, even though I sound like a hard azz Earth hater just because I’m being realistic here … I actually am also stressing the ecological effects this whole oil volcano is causing and the wildlife, sea life, plant life…etc… that will be lost. It breaks my heart so much that every time I think about it, it actually brings me to tears. I’ve already seen some dead sea turtles and I couldn’t handle it. I see those damn videos when I’m online reading about this and there is a still shot of some oil covered pitiful animal fighting for it’s life and I get physically ill. Then to think about the economic effects to this area … especially while we are already struggling from the aftermath of Katrina … yeah, it’s depressing for sure … ugh … come save me, Drew!

8 05 2010

i will never believe the hype. i just deleted 3 paragraphs of thoughts, because it’s redundant and overstated.

8 05 2010

Damn… I love the lengthy replies… can’t you see that? But, at least, tell me what your opinion is? Do you agree or agree to disagree? LOL

8 05 2010

This spill should have almost zero effect on the price of oil. BP is a very large company and can easily absorb this “disaster.”

What’s going to have a pretty drastic effect on oil is the looming Israeli/Iran conflict. Once that happens you’re going to see the stock market literally shit on itself, and the price of gas is going to instantly be over $5 a gallon.

If the stock market can lose a Trillion dollars in value due to a “glitch,” just think what’s going to happen when something REALLY bad happens.

Proctor and Gamble (briefly) lost over half of it’s value during yesterday’s “Crash.”

One thing I find very interesting is that there is zero coverage already in regards to the oil spill (aside from minor updates). Same goes with the Times Square bomber. What ever happened to the Christmas day underwear bomber? What about Hassan, the mass murderer?

8 05 2010

Think fast … we need some more celebrity skanks on the set to distract everyone more … don’t you know this, my friend!?!?
As for the price of gas, I think it depends on the future effects of this spill really. Because, it WILL effect a lot of different items (for lack of a better way to say it) that WILL increase in price and usually as these increases spread (like oil in the gulf) the price of gas will go up. At least, that’s how it generally goes.
Let’s get together this weekend if you have time. Did I miss St.Rose fest?

8 05 2010

Someone needed to say all this. As soon as the BP spill happened, you could bet money on rabid environmentalists (and by that, I don’t mean all environmentalists froth at the mouth; just the rabid ones) would come out of the woodwork.

It’s a typical knee-jerk reaction. “See? See? I TOLD you those oil-drillers were bad for the environment. We need wind energy and solar energy.”


Some haven’t gotten the memo on this yet but there *is* a move away from the production of oil for energy, at least in terms of keeping the electricity current flowing. And that is nuclear energy. Despite the fact that there are multitudes of safeguards in place (and I happen to have a brother who works directly in the maintaining and security of a nuclear power plant, and he has painted a picture for me that leaves no doubt as to its safety), there are those who will say “not good enough; too scary”. You can talk till you’re blue in the face but that won’t stop them from believing what they want to believe. They have proof, you see. They’ve seen the movie “The China Syndrome”.

Obstinate ignorance.

If global warming is a reality, then there is another reality that has to go hand in hand with it: the earth has been through such cycles before, all throughout history. Here’s the kicker though: it happened when mankind didn’t exist. My driving a car to work has little enough impact on global warming as to bring it to zero effect.

But, I suppose people prefer to be alarmed. It’s more sensational. And watching Jerry Springer doesn’t do it so much for us anymore.

8 05 2010

I think your closing statement says it all… bravo!

8 05 2010

My electric company is Green Mountain Energy. They have solar and wind options. I am very lucky to be able to pay a little extra to help fund greener electric power. I know others cannot, but I can so I do, hoping it becomes more available for all of us.

8 05 2010

Yes, availability is key. Once it does become more available nationwide, the price may also lower … and also, maybe discounts in other areas (like taxes) will be offered to people who opt to use greener energy instead. That would be great!

9 05 2010
Mr Waldo

That 1st pic speaks volumes.

Just have to hope and hang in there Suz, if there isnt much that cant be done, it may mean relocating and cutting your losses. Hurts to hear, but its a bigger hurt if life progresses from bad to worse.

Oil will always be necessary but there will come a day when we wont be as dependent on it as we have in the past. The renewable technology is here and available, its a matter of figuring out how to make it affordable to the masses and there are many intelligent and educated people working on this.

I know you folks cry about $5 a gallon, which is cheap compared to our prices here and in Europe, in fact, alot of things are much cheaper where you live, just so you can compare. I didnt know you travelled a 70 mile round trip for work, damn that is far!! Hope its mostly highway, if not, I feel your pain.

Dont let it get you down, life can only get better, but only if you choose to make it so.

9 05 2010

Well, I”m more down about the effects on the area than me personally. The fisherman and people who rely on the seafood and tourism industries. I will be fine for the most part, but I do strongly suspect my time here is limited. Particularly because my home is so near the beach. The $5 a gallon is a big issue here because of the economy and other situations, such as lack of public transport…etc… And the job situation. It would probably work out to be comparable if not worse that what you’re paying there. Anyway, yeah… first Katrina and now this… bad to worse, you said it… I’m just dreading hurricane season this year… last thing we need is a bunch of oily water flooding our land 😦

13 05 2010

I read something in the Weekly Standard about this–the majority of oil spills aren’t reported on, just like the majority of murders, kidnappings, etc. When it’s a big, sexy story and happens to be conveniently close to Obama’s statement that he was going to go ahead and allow for drilling, then it’s blown up!

People also are not aware that there are many, many countries drilling for oil in the Gulf and off our coast in many other places in “international” waters. If we don’t do it, they are going to do it and we are going to keep buying it from them. I say we keep using it until it’s gone…which isn’t going to happen for a long time.

15 05 2010

Yeah, a lot of stories and information is withheld I’m sure, but there’s no way this could’ve been withheld! What a catastrophe. It’s only getting worse. Ugh. Thanks for commenting. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. WP isn’t alerting me of comments or subscriptions… dangit!

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